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So thankful for all that Sabina has does for our horses, they absolutely love her!

Kendall Bourgeois

Imagination Lane

Sabina is a gifted massage therapist whose attention to detail goes above and beyond your average practitioner. Sabina is a terrific team player as well; she's very skilled communicating with owners, trainers, vets, farrier's etc. for the benefit of your equine athlete. As a trainer, I particularly appreciate how she takes the time to teach my clients stretches and other strengthening/relaxing techniques to help them monitor their horses physical state and participate in their horses's maintenance program. Both horses and people look forward to seeing Sabina when she comes to DevonWood.

Jessica Rattner

Jessica Rattner Dressage

Sabina Pariser has been massaging our horses for almost a year. She is very good with the horses and owners. Our horses have definitely benefitted from her expertise.  We all appreciate her attention to detail and the thorough reports she sends after the massage. She is always on time which I find very helpful. It has been wonderful to have Sabina on our horse care team! 

Lee Jorgenson

Head Trainer, Shady Springs Farm

Sabina is the best masseuse I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has without a doubt increased my horse’s quality of life and made it possible to bring our riding to the next level. She has given me exercises to help gradually strengthen my horse. The very first time Sabina worked with my horse she immediately identified the points I knew my horse was sore as well as some I didn’t know were troubling her. I can always tell when Sabina has worked on my mare because not only does she feel better physically but often mentally. It has become a favorite pastime of mine at the barn to watch Sabina work on the horses because the horses become so expressive and can’t hide the obvious pleasure they feel. Horses that are apprehensive with being worked with soon find Sabina to be their favorite person.

Ellie Ostroff

Wilsonville, OR

After using Winning Touch and Sharon Barton for years when she was retiring I valued her recommendation of West
Winds Equine and Sabina Pariser.  

Sabina has far exceeded that recommendation. 

She is that rare combination of talent, empathy and dedication to her craft that is so special. 

The connection that she has with the horses and her ability to asses their needs make her a valued member of the team with my performance horses. 


Marla Eden

Narnia Farms LLC

It is my pleasure to recommend Sabina Pariser and West Winds Equine Massage. Ms. Pariser has been donating her time to our herd of therapeutic lesson horses, as well as some of our 1⁄2 boarded horses. I have had many massage therapists work on our horses in the past. Sabina is the most professional practitioner we have worked with. She provides organized reports after each massage and suggests a true treatment plan for each horse she treats. She always treats paying and donated clients the same. She also gives ample notice if she cannot make it for any reason.

In addition to her professionalism, she is a very skilled therapist. She has knowledge of many modalities and applies them appropriately after evaluating each equine. Our horses are enjoying positive muscular and facial normalization. She is proficient at stretching, energy work and horse handling. Our herd is healthier and happier because of her.

To add to these attributes, Sabina really fits in nicely with the humans at Forward Stride. We enjoy seeing her every visit. We feel lucky to have her as part of our team and look forward to many more years working with her. 

Amber Varner

Program Coordinator, Forward Stride

My teenage daughter rides two horses - a sensitive mare for dressage and a stoic gelding for jumping. During the last year, Sabina has given them both massages regularly. Each of the horses have clearly bonded with her. Although the mare and gelding are very different, Sabina reads their body language to provide care that is both compassionate and deeply effective. Even when she is working on areas that are clearly sore, they trust her. The sessions with Sabina have helped them both become more flexible and supple, has improved their day-to-day performance, and has helped them be ready to compete.


Sabina provides a very detailed report after each of her sessions. These reports have been very valuable when talking to the vet, farrier, trainer, and other equine experts. I also appreciate the time that Sabina has spent teaching my daughter and me new stretches, riding exercises to help strengthen specific areas, and massage techniques that we can do between her professional sessions. I believe Sabina’s body work and the techniques she has taught us have helped them both be calmer, happier horses.


B. Grey

Portland, OR

I am so grateful to have Sabina working on my daughters jumper Dutch Treat. 


Sabina is very knowledgeable, gentle and kind. She helped Dutch re coupe through an abscessed tooth removal, which created a lot of stiffness in the neck, shoulder and low back.
Sabina currently works on him once a month and in-between shows if possible during show season to help keep our hard working horse happy and moving pain free.

Dutch Treat and The Farnsworths

Scappoose, OR

Sabina has absolutely changed the body and life of my horse. He's been a project to get into a great place, with years of tight muscles,fascial tension and arthritis to work on, but since she started working on him just a few weeks after we bought him, he's come further than I could have imagined in the following six months. No one guesses his age anymore, and without Sabina's amazing, expansive knowledge and careful consideration, he'd still be in pain. She's worked alongside our vets, chiropractors, and my trainer to determine and implement the most well-rounded approach for his treatment, conquer setbacks, move forward and we will forever be thankful!

Saskia Ilcisin

Eugene, OR

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